Affordable Medical Waste Disposal Maryland

Affordable or cheap, well that just sounds, cheap. Medical Biohazard Waste Disposal, including sharps needle waste, will never be cheap. Affordable maybe, but cheap… I don’t think so and here is why.

Sharps medical waste, Biohazard and Regulated Medical waste, falls into a special category for disposal, like many other hazardous waste items. They have their own special regulated requirements and the price begins to climb quickly.

I will give you a crude breakdown, of why it is not going to be cheap…

1)    The permits required at Federal, State and local levels, to provide said service. Difficult and time consuming to get and carry an annual price tag

2)    Liability insurance, well, we are not hauling regular trash

3)    Vehicle insurance, again, higher premiums, for what we do

4)    Workers Comp insurance, medical waste carries higher premiums here also

5)    Training

6)    Special, permitted trucks, repairs and diesel fuel = Expensive

7)    Disposal COST, here is the big one… You’re Biohazard Waste and Needles are not going to a regular dump… They need to go to a special treatment facility… Expensive here is not the word

These are just several things that stick out in my mind. Not including all the other, day to day cost going into providing, this type of hazardous waste service.

So, cheap, I don’t think so, maybe affordable.

Major Market Leaders
In our business, there are a few major players that carry a hefty price tag; this does not mean they are bad companies, but you will pay a premium to work with them.

Local Mid-Level Companies
Mid-level waste disposal companies, these will be your local companies, servicing a few states, maybe 3 or 4 states together. This company, usually will have better service, be more flexible with services provided to you and be in the middle of the pricing curve.

Then you have the low-ballers, these companies will do anything, they may be just starting and will give the service away, to get your business. Is this a good choice, I think not… Usually  cutomer service suffers, waste compliance will always need to be a concern and you don’t know if they will be around long.

There is a fair market value for the services we provide. Consider all these options when choosing your next Sharps Needle Waste Disposal Company.

  • Price
  • Time In Business
  • References
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Permits
  • & More